Food Photography Workshop

I love photographing food, editorial photography, lifestyle work – anything storytelling, really! So I decided to take this amazing food photography workshop to learn some new skills and get inspired. It’s always fun to be in a room with people who share your passion, where you really only think about photography! And eating. Whoa did we eat. Basically all day, every day, for three and a half days, this amazing chef cooked meals and/or prepared appetizers and desserts, then we photographed it, then ate it. I was sort of in heaven. Here are some of our creations.

This is a BAGEL BAR, people. I repeat…a bagel bar. Who knew bagels could be SO good?

It’s not everyday I eat THIS for breakfast:

A dessert, a cheese platter and some matcha!

Everything was so cool – from the house, the set-up, to the props we used!

Farmer’s Market

We don’t often visit the Farmer’s Market because I’m not the best cook out there. Or a cook at all, really. But it’s still fun to grab some yummy produce and for me to look at all the pretty colors. Ha.

One of these kids is doing his own thing…


We’ve really failed at getting to Tahoe this winter! That’s what happens when you have two busy 10-year-olds, I guess. Too much stuff to do on the weekends? Anyway, we finally made it up there in time for the snow, and whoa there was so much snow. We couldn’t leave our house one morning, there was so much. Monk, our insane puppy, had the time of his life. The kids were pretty happy too. Here’s a few pics!


My new favorite subject…my nephew Bobby! And other easter details…most notably Miller High Life.


I’m catching up on some blogging! I forgot to blog about my trip to Cabo in February. This is an annual trip I take with my friends – there are always five couples. And we’re lucky enough to stay in this ridiculous house right on the beach. It’s always an amazing trip and this year was no exception. I’m actually terrible about taking out my big camera for personal stuff, but I’m working on it, so here are a few pics of my Cabo week!

I have no idea why, but I make my friends take a floating head picture every year.

My beautiful friends in beautiful Cabo light!

There’s never a shortage of cocktails or yummy food in Cabo!

OK So we heard they were releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean at sunset one night so we went down to watch. These little guys could fit in the palm of my hand and were only three hours old! We were told only 1 in 100 actually survive. Forget I said that.

We paddleboarded and kayaked on this beautiful lagoon. By “we”, I mean my friends. I held down the fort. At the swim up bar.

Beautiful light and tones in Cabo…