Farmer’s Market

We don’t often visit the Farmer’s Market because I’m not the best cook out there. Or a cook at all, really. But it’s still fun to grab some yummy produce and for me to look at all the pretty colors. Ha.

One of these kids is doing his own thing…


We’ve really failed at getting to Tahoe this winter! That’s what happens when you have two busy 10-year-olds, I guess. Too much stuff to do on the weekends? Anyway, we finally made it up there in time for the snow, and whoa there was so much snow. We couldn’t leave our house one morning, there was so much. Monk, our insane puppy, had the time of his life. The kids were pretty happy too. Here’s a few pics!


My new favorite subject…my nephew Bobby! And other easter details…most notably Miller High Life.

Another L Family . Storytelling Photographer . East Bay Family Photographer

I took this family for a tour around town of all their favorite places to hang out as a family. It was a blast… I love shooting in homes because they’re so personal and meaningful but I also love the idea of shooting outside in places where a family hangs together! Here are some fun ones from our session…


CRAZY kids. I mean, crazy. But I like crazy.

We all had fun on the library railings.

Reservoir! Top right photo better be the front of their Christmas card.


Community garden. Eating things that don’t taste so good, apparently.


Feeding the chickens!

More eating, while taking family photos. These are my kind of family photos:)

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The L Family . In-Home Storytelling Session . East Bay Family Photographer

This client was an old, old friend who I literally haven’t seen in 16 years! She looks the exact same! So unfair. Anyway, we had a blast with their sweet daughter, who was a total kick in the pants. And I seem to always get families with hysterical husbands and this guy was no exception. So funny. I love these photos. Here are some of my faves.

A sweet chit chat and hug with Mom.

So much fun with Dad, too.

Not sure how we feel about apples?

She loves her ma and pops.


So funny. Not only does she have some decent dance moves, but she has some good dance faces too.

Time to bake. We ate a lot of dough.

So much fun to see you guys! xoxo


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