Food Photography Workshop

I love photographing food, editorial photography, lifestyle work – anything storytelling, really! So I decided to take this amazing food photography workshop to learn some new skills and get inspired. It’s always fun to be in a room with people who share your passion, where you really only think about photography! And eating. Whoa did we eat. Basically all day, every day, for three and a half days, this amazing chef cooked meals and/or prepared appetizers and desserts, then we photographed it, then ate it. I was sort of in heaven. Here are some of our creations.

This is a BAGEL BAR, people. I repeat…a bagel bar. Who knew bagels could be SO good?

It’s not everyday I eat THIS for breakfast:

A dessert, a cheese platter and some matcha!

Everything was so cool – from the house, the set-up, to the props we used!